A Fresh Look At Crescent Manufacturing

A Fresh Look at Crescent Manufacturing

Crescent Manufacturing: Taking A Fresh Look at Fasteners Published in the Distributors LINK Magazine Crescent offers a large range of fasteners from 00 to 3/8, M1.2 to M10 Crescent Manufacturing has always prided ourselves at “staying at the head of the pack”. In today’s fastener market it is a necessity to be alert to our […]

The Big and Small of Crescent Manufacturing

Originally Posted September 2014   Over the years Crescent has continually tried to offer what our customers have asked us for, which is usually fasteners that they have difficulty finding. So, once again you have asked and we have tried to accommodate your requests.   The Big A few years ago, we purchased two 3/8 […]

“Made in America”-The Return of U.S. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is making a gradual comeback in the United States. “Reshoring”, as many call the recent trend of manufacturing relocating from overseas back to the U.S., is occurring in a steady stream of steps. Numerous examples of reshoring are being regularly reported in the media. This includes K’Nex Brands LP, a toy manufacturer, bringing back […]

Crescent Manufacturing: Proudly Made in the USA

By Kimberly Ellert Guerrette Article from the Spring 2010 edition of Distributor Link Magazine       Rural America = Crescent Manufacturing Crescent resides at 700 George Washington Turnpike, Burlington, Connecticut, on property purchased from the towns largest landowner, a farmer. Across the street was a small farmhouse with a barn, cows, and that couple […]