Beta or Beta Pro Fasteners


“What is a Beta or Beta-Pro?” No, they are not fish in this case. The answer is simply a miniature thread forming screw that can be substituted for your more expensive licensed trilobular parts. Beta for plastics and Beta-Pro for metals.

Crescent has developed a fastener with backtapered threads and a specially developed point angle that reduces the torque requirement and provides ease of installation. The effectiveness of Beta and Beta-Pro fasteners is created by the contact pressure between the wall of the hole and the thread of the fastener. Beta design increases the strength of the fastener and decreases the contact area, providing a very efficient method of thread forming with #0 thru #4 size screws.

Beta and Beta-Pro fasteners are offered in sizes #0 thru #4 (M1.4-M3) in length up to 1-7/8″ (48mm). They can be manufactured in the material of your choosing including 302ss, 400 series stainless, low carbon steel, alloy steels, or brass. All are available in any of the standard head styles and drives or send us a drawing for something manufactured to your requirements. Crescent will manufacture as few as a 1000 pieces or into the millions, per your requirement. Miniature fasteners are our area of expertise and Beta and Beta-Pro are just two more reasons why we are the fastener manufacturer for you!

For more detail, read our Beta/Beta-Pro Reference Sheet