DFARS, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation AKA “The Berry Amendment”

“DFARS Compliant Material” is a term that has sent shock waves through the fastener industry since coming to the forefront in June 2005. Clause 252.225-7014 is the specification for “A Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals.” It defines the specific content for various materials the government has deemed “Specialty Metals.” Most of these qualifying metals are all varieties of stainless steels, alloy steels, (titanium and zirconium not available from Crescent) .

The DFARS Clause requires qualifying metals be melted in the United States or its outlying areas, or melted in one of a list of qualifying countries. Please visit here for detailed information.

This requirement became applicable to all subcontractors at any tier. Thus started the scramble for sources. Distributors seeking manufacturers that could comply. Manufacturers seeking material sources that met the requirements.

Today, those are the problems of the past. DFARS compliant material is readily available from Crescent. We maintain a full line of raw material inventory to cover all sizes manufactured by Crescent in 302ss, 410ss, Monel, A286ss, 4037 and 8740 Alloy Steels DFARS compliant. All raw material is certified back to the melt source. Copies of certifications are available upon request for all non-military items. AN, MS, and NAS parts are supplied with full certifications at no charge.

Crescent is your source for compliance on all your fastener needs. Please check our Military DFARS Inventory and Commercial DFARS Inventory for all stockavailability and our Stocking Program inventory for off-the-shelf DFARS Military availability