Metric Fasteners


Crescent manufactures a variety of traditional Metric screws such as Machine Screws, Tapping Screws, Thread Forming Screws, and Thread Cutting Screws.

These screws are precision manufactured in sizes from M1.2 to M10, and lengths 76mm (varying by size and head style).


Slotted, Phillips, Pozi, Frearson (Type II), Star/6-lobe (torx Equivalent), JIS, Hex Socket (limited availability), Combo Slotted/Phillips, and Square(Robertson), Combo Slotted/Square (Robertson), One way, and Dovetail Slot

Head Styles:

90° Flat, 90° Oval, Pan, Fillister or Cheese, Hex, Slotted Hex, Indented Hex, Slotted Indented Hex, Button, Wafer

Stocking Materials:

302ss,316ss, 410ss, 430ss, A286ss, Monel, Low Carbon Steel (1018, 1022), Alloy Steel (4037,8740), Brass (Alloy 260), Phos Bronze (Alloy 510)

Non-Stocking Materials:

Low Carbon Steel (1006 &1010), Invar 36, 17-4PH, 52100 Steel, Copper, Silicon Bronze (CDA651), Aluminum (2024, 5056, 6061), 18% Nickel Silver (752), or Other Cold Headable Materials as Requested

As with all Crescent manufactured fasteners, we can produce custom metric fasteners to any provided spec or custom application.

Let Crescent’s Quality, Service, Delivery, and Know How be the solution to your metric fastener demands.

Check our it our Metric Fastener Inventory page to see which metric fasteners we currently have in stock. Contact Crescent Manufacturing if you don’t see what you are looking for or if you require a custom metric fastener.