Crescent Manufacturing

Precision Fastener Supplier

With over 50 years of manufacturing expertise in the field of miniature screws and miniature fasteners, Crescent Manufacturing offers distributors an established source to meet your Aerospace, Military, Commercial, and Special Engineered requirements for sizes 000-3/8 ( M1.2-M10). Crescent is now offering 3/8 (M10) size fasteners.

During this time, Crescent has developed a customer base with fastener distributors throughout North America and is continually growing in the international fastener market. Crescent’s success is based on our quality fastener products, an expanding product line to meet the customer’s need, and competitive pricing. It is these policy traditions that have enabled us to grow into the worldwide supplier we are today.

Need a fast delivery on some of the more standard Military parts? Check out Crescent’s Stocking Program for off-the-shelf availability.

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