A Fresh Look At Crescent Manufacturing

A Fresh Look at Crescent Manufacturing

Crescent Manufacturing: Taking A Fresh Look at Fasteners

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Crescent offers a large range of fasteners from 00 to 3/8, M1.2 to M10

Crescent Manufacturing has always prided ourselves at “staying at the head of the pack”. In today’s fastener market it is a necessity to be alert to our customer’s needs and to meet them head-on. With that in mind, Crescent has added new product capabilities. With the addition of 000’s, and longer lengths, Crescent’s product range has grown significantly. Crescent has also added additional drive styles to better address our customer’s requests. There are new machines and new team members at every step from sales to shipping and all of the departments in between.

Fresh Eyes with the Crescent Fastener Sales Team

In sales, Ginger Doherty is Crescent’s recently promoted Global Sales Manager. Ginger has over 17 years of extensive sales experience at Crescent. Crescent’s newest Sales Associates include Wendi Gagnon and Kristi Kavula. Marion Lederman with 36 years of experience rounds out Crescent’s sales team. Crescent also has several outside sales representatives, located around the world as well. Crescent has added a full time tool maker, Lukas Klepacki. Luke has a BS in Manufacturing as well as extensive tool and die experience. Crescent has purchased several pieces of tool room equipment, upgrading our tooling capability. As a result, Crescent has been able to reduce lead times by reducing tooling costs and tool up time. Crescent has passed these savings along to you.

Changing Culture at Crescent Manufacturing

With a good mix of experience and new ideas, we believe we have achieved a higher level of service and a more responsive company. All of these changes are the result of a changing culture at Crescent. There have been many new ideas and reviews of previous policies. Fresh eyes, and a more aggressive attitude, has given us a more competitive approach, always with an eye to improving our pricing, delivery, and customer service.

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