Crescent Presented With Distinguished Business Award

Originally Posted April 2009


Burlington, CT

On April 9, 2009, Crescent Manufacturing was awarded the "Distinguished Business Award for 2009" by the Burlington, CT Chamber of Commerce.

Crescent has been one of only a handful of manufacturing companies in Burlington since 1967. Over the past 40 plus years the company has employed many of the town's residents and has been a source of support for community activities.

The company's property has been made available for town parades, fire department benefits, the town's annual "Tavern Day" historic re-enactment, and even the Lion's Club carnival.

Crescent participated in the initial development of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and was glad to assist the local consumer businesses get it started.

Crescent Manufacturing was represent at the awards dinner by Steve Wilson, Chairman; Dick Hrinak, President; Rick Green, Chief Financial Officer, Bruce Penn, VP Manufacturing; and George Lamoureux, Factory Supervisor.

The Company was honored to be recognized for such an award and felt humbled by it.

Crescent thanks the Burlington Connecticut Chamber of Commerce and those that nominated Crescent Manufacturing for the honor and the award.

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