Crescent Manufacturing Fastener Video

Crescent’s Going Even Bigger

Expanding it's Fastener Manufacturing Facility

Crescent Manufacturing is breaking ground on a 6300 square foot addition to its current facility with a 1000 square foot second story for a total of 7300 square feet. Crescent has well over 100 machines and has out grown its current building. While initially the additional space will be used primarily for wire storage and machine and tooling maintenance, the structural design allows for installation of additional machinery and as well as an additional second story.


We are expanding our fastener facility RIGHT now!
The YouTube video slideshow playlist is updated with new photos.
May - We broke ground and worked on the foundation. 7300 square foot addition including: 300 sq ft connector, 6000 sq ft first floor and 1000 sq ft mezzanine with opportunity to add another 5000 sq ft mezzanine.
June - You can begin to see the outline of the addition to our fastener facility with the pouring of the cement slab.
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Also, Crescent recently acquired 2 die 4 blow machine capability and expanded its product line to include 3/8 (M10) diameter fasteners.
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