Precision Fastener Supplier to Distributors in Brazil



Fastener distributors in Brazil can count on Crescent Manufacturing’s International Precision Fastener Division to provide top-quality precision fasteners for a wide variety of industries.

As a fastener distributor you can expect  flexible size and head style options, fasteners delivered on time, and focused customer support.

Our reputation for quality and customer service is recognized around the world. We would like to extend an opportunity to distributors in Brazil to work with us in distributing our top quality fasteners to the industries in your country.

Precision Fasteners Manufactured in the USA Distributed in Brazil

All of our precision fasteners are competitively priced and we offer a variety of selections to meet your industry, sizing, and compliance requirements:

  • Metric sizes M1.2 thru M10 up thru 76MM (available in inches 000 thru 3/8)
  • Varying by size and head style
  • Compliance with all of the new environmental directives Brazil
  • Certification compliance with REACH, ROHS and others PRECISION

MANUFACTURING COMPANIES: If you would like to buy precision fasteners from Crescent Manufacturing, send us an email and we’ll direct you to a local distributor in Brazil that we work with.

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