Staff & Operations of Crescent Manufacturing

Video Slideshow

Watch this video slideshow to meet the staff of Crescent Manufacturing and see some of the operations of our fastener manufacturing facility.

The Management Team

  • Steve Wilson, Chairman
  • Dick Hrinak, President
  • Aron Stevenson, Controller
  • Bruce J. Penn, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing
  • Ginger Doherty, Vice President of Sales


Crescent has 30+ employees, the slide show includes some photos of the sales team, Kathy in Accounting, inspectors, tool makers, a thread rolling operator, quality control and other employees in the shop and the packaging and shipping department.


We share some photos of the machine shop, a tool maker at work, our heading capabilities (we have 49 headers), and our machines. The Waterbury was purchased and has increased the length on small diameters. Other machines that we’ve acquired are:

  • the Omega Mini Headers
  • 15 slotters
  • 32 thread rollers
  • our new “super” 190 thread roller
  • the Rockwell hardness tester
  • the Starret Vision Machine
  • and a 200x Mag digital microscope.

The fastener manufacturing process includes inspections, in-house shank slotting, threading, testing, quality control, certifications, packaging, and shipping.

Contact us to discuss any part of our fastener manufacturing process.