Crescent Manufacturing Celebrates 60 Years


Crescent Manufacturing began in a two-car garage in Southington, Connecticut with three employees in 1960. Crescent moved to Burlington, Connecticut in 1967 on the site of an old apple orchard. Since then, with several expansions, the facility has grown to over 25,000 sq. feet with over 100 pieces of equipment. Crescent Manufacturing has grown to become a major supplier to the fastener industry, both domestically and abroad.


Crescent is strongly dedicated to research & development. To that end Crescent has added in house tooling capability, several new part series. Recent additions include NAS1100, NAS1101, NAS1102, NAS1189, AND NAS1802 (#4, #6 & #8 diameters). Crescent has also obtained trademarks for our Logo, and Kwik thread lines in the US, Canada & abroad.

Crescent continues to work with our customers in product development and specials, most recently on screws for the Ford/GE HealthCare supply chain for ventilator production.


The series Crescent currently has in development include NAS1802 (#10 diameter) NAS1131-NAS1136, NAS1141-NAS1146, & NAS1151-NAS1156. Crescent has also increased stocking materials to include 2024 Aluminum and A286SS at much higher volumes. This was done to be prepared for the continued re-shoring of parts that we are currently experiencing. Most recently Crescent was contacted to produce parts for a customer who wanted to bring parts back that left 21 years ago.

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