Crescent fasteners for ventilators

Crescent Manufacturing Aid In The Fight Against COVID-19

Crescent is an integral part of the Ford/GE HealthCare supply chain.

Crescent Manufacturing is producing 800,000 brass fasteners for ventilators in the fight against COVID-19

Global Fastener NewsFord/GE reached out to their supply chain to look for help in making these ventilator machines. Crescent Manufacturing, being one of their suppliers has received specs for the fasteners needed for these intricate machines.  And now we are producing the much-needed fasteners.

There was a great article describing this healthcare supply chain in the “Wall Street Journal” on April 12, 2020. Subscribers to the WSJ can read “Auto Giants Trade Drills for Tweezers in Bid to Rush Coronavirus Ventilators” By Mike Colias.

The Crescent team responsible for making these parts is pictured above. From left to right: Erik, Threading; Edgar, Heading; and Shawn, Shipping. (Note: our employees are following Connecticut’s social distancing protocol but they removed their masks for this photo op). 

Excellent Fastener Supplier

UPDATE: 5/12/2020

TESTIMONIAL related to an order for 800,000 screws to be used in ventilator production.

  • They needed 4,000 immediately we manufactured and shipped in 24 hours.
  • Then they wanted a minimum of 60,000 pieces per week until complete.
  • We shipped the entire order in 4 weeks. This is their statement.

“It looks like we received the last shipment for our order. You guys did a wonderful job and we will be sure to share you as an excellent supplier with our other branches!”

Featured in Global Fastener News

UPDATE: 5/22/2020

Crescent Manufacturing’s COVID-19 Response efforts featured in Global Fastener News ( article “Updates on Fastener Industry Response to COVID-19“. The EDITOR is currently posting COVID-19 coverage free to the fastener industry. During the week of May 22nd, Crescent’s segment of the editorial update was featured on the home page of Global Fastener News. Article Photo to the right.

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