Shipping and receiving

Warehouse expansion leads to expansions in Shipping and Receiving

Crescent Manufacturing continues to expand

The relatively recent expansion of our warehouse has lead to the need to expand our Shipping and Receiving. As a company, this expansion has been an investment in the future and demonstrates our commitment to constantly improving our customer service.

Shipping and Receiving at Crescent Manufacturing

Our Shipping Department takes special care in shipping all orders, whether it is a local shipment or sending our fasteners around the world. Quality control procedures in our shipping department ensure that our products arrive at their final destination in a timely fashion and in the best condition.

Spotlight in Two Employees in Shipping and Receiving

Ethan Sheelan

Ethan Sheehan joined Crescent Manufacturing Shipping and Receiving Department on February 8, 2018. Ethan is on the left in the photo.

Dan Thoma

Dan (in the photo to the right) has been with Crescent Manufacturing for about two years.

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