NEFDA presentation by Harry Moser about manufacturing returning to the U.S.

Originally Posted on January 12, 2012

Harry Moser Presents ReShoring at NEFDA Meeting

Steve Wilson, President of NEFDA and Chairman of Crescent Manufacturing, introduced NEFDA's education program about reshoring Thursday evening on January 12. All of Crescent Manufacturing's products are totally manufactured in the United States and many economic forces are now favoring a return to U.S. based manufacturing. In fact, President Obama even referred to this in his State if the Union address.

Harry Moser meets with President Obama and the New England Fastener Distributor Association about manufacturing returning to the U.S.

At the New England Fastener Distributor (NEFDA) January meeting, Harry Moser, President of the National Reshoring Initiative gave an outstanding presentation on bringing back work to the United States. Prior tot the meeting with NEFDA members, Harry was invited to the White House to discuss his reshoring with President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, the President's cabinet and Jeff Immelt, CEO, Chairman of General Electric and Chair of of President Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Harry was well received in Washington and by business leaders who, for a number of reasons, are beginning to move more and more manufacturing back to the United States.

The Commerce Department is planning to use Harry's total cost of ownership model and expects to link their website.

Harry encourages and challenges every business to use his " total cost model" and compare it to their current model. The total cost model estimator can be download from Harry's website at Please feel free to contact Harry directly at or 1-847-726-2975 with any questions.

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