Crescent Personnel Promotions

Originally Posted June 2015


Aron Stevenson, Jerry Sheehan, Ginger Doherty

June 2015

Burlington, CT -- Crescent would like to announce the promotion of some of our personnel.

With the November retirement of Rick Green our CFO for the past 24 yrs., Aron Stevenson, who has been with Crescent since 2006, was promoted to Controller. Although Aron’s position with Crescent was previously in Sales and Customer Service/Production Control, he hold a Degree in Finance. Aron continued with Customer Service but as his responsibilities grew it became clear he needed a replacement.

This past May, Jerry Sheehan, who has been with Crescent since 2013, was promoted from Raw Material Handler into the Customer Service position. Jerry will be working with Aron and Sales as he learns the craft of servicing our customers.

In March, Ginger Doherty, our International Sales Manager and Sales Associate, was promoted to expand her area of responsibility to Domestic Sales Manager as well. Ginger has been with Crescent since 1998 and has assisted Kim Guerrette, VP Sales/Quality Coordinator for several years now as Kim’s involvement with our AS9100 Quality Program grows. We are happy to recognize Ginger’s expertise and the outstanding job she has done to build better relationships with our customer. She has been an invaluable source to Kim, Crescent, and our customers.

Please offer your congratulations to all.

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