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Originally Posted January 2009

New Compliance Requirements

Over the course of this past year more environmental compliance regulations have been brought to Crescent's attention with inquires regarding our adherence. Crescent has been compliant with the ROHS, ELV, AND WEEE directives since 2005. Three other mandates, mainly associated with the EU (European Union) are listed below.

-Compliance to the PFOS Directive Including PFOA

Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid and the related compound perfluoro-octanoic acid are both substances that Crescent has no association with in any of our products or outside processes. There are mainly related to the textile industry and have no connection to our fastener products.


-Compliance with Halogen Free Mandate

This mandate is not applicable. We manufacture nothing that would contain halogen, chlorine, or bromine.


-Compliance with the New European ?REACH? Regulation

Crescent's product only fall under the "articles" category. We do not presently use any of the substances on the Potential Substances of Very High Concern list and do not anticipate that any substances likely to be included will pertain to Crescent either. We have no articles with Intended Release. Please be advised that after several REACH seminars, it has been determined that Crescent will not have to register related to our product. For more information, please read our REACH Compliance press release.


Compliance with Halogen Free Mandate

This mandate is not applicable. We manufacture nothing that would contain halogen, chlorine, or bromine.



Crescent Announces Compliance with the New European Union? REACH? Regulation

Originally Posted 2008


Burlington, Connecticut

Crescent Manufacturing announces their compliance with the new European R.E.A.C.H. regulation.

"R.E.A.C.H.", the Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of CHemicals was created to evaluate suspicious chemicals and provide an information database. The new regulation became effective June 1, 2007 and concerns companies or customers who export to the European Union.

REACH will be administered by the ECHA, European Chemical Agency currently located in Helsinki. ECHA is responsible for the management of the REACH database required to operate the system. The first phase of the eleven year plan is to register manufacturers inot their database system by December 1, 2008.

ECHA will co-ordinate the in-depth evaluation of any suspicious chemicals and run a public hazardous information database for consumers and professionals. There are many different aspects to this regulation but the one that is most telling is whether your product is a"substance", a "preparation", or an "article". They are looking for chemicals that can be released into the air. There is a list of "potential substances of very high concern" that addresses those chemicals that are being banned. Information regarding REACH can be found at

For businesses exporting to the E.U, R.E.A.C.H. will be reaching out to touch you. Crescent Manufacturing recommends that exporters familiarize your company with the regulations of R.E.A.C.H. Crescent Manufacturing has attended some seminars about the R.E.A.CH. compliance requirements and has been contacted by distributors who export to the E.U.

Crescent's fastener products fall under the "Articles" category. Crescent Manufacturing does not use any of the substances on the "Potential Substances of Very High Concern" list, nor any substances that are likely to be included as REACH continues to take hold. Crescent does not have any articles with "INTENDED RELEASE". Crescent has a regulation compliance letter available to any of our customers requiring a written statement. This letter also includes our compliance with ROHS, ELV, WEEE, the PFOS & PFOH Directives, and the Halogen Mandate. If there is some other regulation that we have not covered, please feel free to contact us via E-mail -, or Fax 860-673-5973.


Crescent Manufacturing is a commercial fastener manufacturing company which supplies general and custom fasteners to distributors for a variety of industries including the aerospace and military markets.

Contact Information:

Crescent Manufacturing


International Traffic in Arms Regulations(ITAR)

Originally Posted November 2007

Oh how our country loves acronyms. I.T.A.R., International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Many of our customers have been asking lately if Crescent Manufacturing is ITAR. The answer is YES.

As of November 2007 Crescent is is officially ITAR registered with the United States Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, Compliance & Registration Division. (That should just about cover it.)

What this does is assure you that Crescent has procedures in place to maintain the integrity of the US specialty technical data related to defense articles. ITAR is designed for the protection of custom information for specially designed parts. Standard parts, even those sold under Military numbers that are accessible by public purchase, are not subject to these regulations. Again, it is for the protection of Custom Designed Parts, with regards to exporting.

If you require a statement of certification for your files, please let us know, we will be more than happy to comply.

Crescent Manufacturing is DFARS Compliant

Originally posted Spring 2007

Crescent has continued it's effort to obtain a continuous flow of DFARS compliant material. We are happy to say, we have met that goal with regards to the 302ss, 8740 steel, and 4037 steel. The other Stainless materials are obtainable, but thus time must be purchased on as needed basis due to the present lower demand.

Please check with out sales staff for deliveries on these items. We can now honor any pricing on stock materials as per our normal policy of 30 days and quoted deliveries are the same as any non-DFARS parts.

Crescent wishes to say THANK YOU to all of our customers that have hung in there during the scramble we all went through to meet this DFARS compliance requirement.


International Supplier to Fastener Distributors in France


attaches fourni ? la France

Crescent Manufacturing’s International Division has a goal is to provide faster and more focused service to meet the needs of our global partners. We now work with many distributors in France.
As a manufacturer of fasteners in metric sizes M1.2 thru M10 up thru 76MM in length or inch size 00 thru  3/8 in lengths up thru 3 inches, varying by size and head style our reputation for quality is recognized around the world. We strive to stay compliant with all of the new environmental directives. And can certify compliance with ISO, AS, REACH, ROHS, and others. Just send us your requirements.
We would like to extend an opportunity to French distributors to work with us in distributing our top quality fasteners to the commercial, industrial, and aerospace industries.
Ginger Doherty, Vice President Sales
TÉLÉPHONE 001-860-673-4591
FAX 001-860-673-5973

Czech Republic

International Supplier to Fastener Distributors in Czech Republic


Czech Republic precision fastenersCrescent Manufacturing’s International Division has a goal to provide faster and more focused service to meet the needs of our global partners. As a fastener distributor you can count on Crescent Manufacturing to provide top quality precision fasteners for a wide variety of industries. You can expect focused customer support, flexible size, drive, and head style options, and fasteners delivered on time. Our reputation for quality and customer service is recognized around the world. We offer environmental compliance to REACH, ROHS and others.

Manufactured in the USA

All of our precision fasteners are competitively priced and we offer a variety of selections to meet your sizing, industry, quality and environmental compliance requirements:
  • Metric sizes M1.2 thru M10 up thru 76MM (available in inch 000 thru 3/8 up to 3” long) varying by size and head style
  • Aerospace, Military, Commercial, or Specially Engineered parts to your customer’s custom drawings
  • ISO9001 and AS9100 certified
  • Environmental compliance to REACH, ROHS and others.
If you would like to buy quality fasteners from Crescent Manufacturing, please send us an inquiry so we may quote you or provide you any other information you may need.

Please Contact our Czech Fastener Sales Representative
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