Announcement: 2020 ITAR Compliance

Crescent Manufacturing recently became compliant for ITAR 2020.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations

Click here to view the most recent ITAR registered compliance letter.

Oh, how our country loves acronyms. I.T.A.R., International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Many of our customers have been asking lately if Crescent Manufacturing is ITAR. The answer is YES. As of November 2007 Crescent is is officially ITAR registered with the United States Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, Compliance & Registration Division. (That should just about cover it.)

What this does is assure you that Crescent has procedures in place to maintain the integrity of the US specialty technical data related to defense articles. ITAR is designed for the protection of custom information for specially designed parts. Standard parts, even those sold under Military numbers that are accessible by public purchase, are not subject to these regulations. Again, it is for the protection of Custom Designed Parts, with regards to exporting.

More certifications listed here.

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